We currently have a backend development creating an HTTP|REST API used for handoff to the frontend.

As a backend developer, you generally produce REST APIs for consumption by the frontend team and provide 2nd line support. Most of the codebase is in PHP.

New projects tend to be created as Kubernetes microservices using Java or PHP 7.x and are automatically deployed through a Git push trigger via the CI tool.

Legacy code tends to be more monolithic and have less test coverage.

Your workload will consist of a mixture of new development (typically microservices within a Kubernetes cluster) and maintenance of a couple of legacy monoliths.

Projects range in size from less than a day to a few weeks in duration. You have flexibility to investigate and suggest new technologies for solutions to problems.

A “Typical Day”

You’re working Flexitime, so today expect to work roughly 9:30 to 3 pm and then 7 pm to 9 pm this evening.

Today you’re working on a Kafka consumer which effectively takes data from a MySQL table and insert it into an ElasticSearch 5.6 cluster. You’ll need to write an ElasticSearch mapping schema, and unit/integration tests (using PHPUnit) for the code.

Mid-morning, you see a support issue on Slack (as you’re on ‘support’ this week) where some customers are having trouble posting to a certain social network. After some investigation and checking various logs, you identify a possible solution, discuss it with the team and implement a change to the publishing code. Initially, your change is feature flagged to restrict it to an internal account and you deploy it for support to verify it before wider roll out.

Every few days there’s a development conference call where progress and priorities are discussed.

Skills Required

  • OO PHP
  • Command line Linux (Debian)
  • Git
  • SQL (MySQL)
  • Docker
  • REST API development and usage
  • PHPUnit

Technologies we use

You don’t need to be an expert at any of these; this is to give you an idea of what we use.

  • ElasticSearch
  • MySQL and Percona XtraDB Cluster
  • Kafka + Debezium
  • Beanstalkd
  • Redis
  • Kubernetes (GCP Container Engine)
  • Codeship (CI)
  • Git (GitHub)
  • Google Cloud Platform

Think this role is for you? Email us at [email protected].

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