Edgbaston has a diverse portfolio of brands and audiences to manage; Warwickshire Country Cricket Club, Birmingham Bears and the England Cricket Team. Orlo enabled Edgbaston to create powerful identities, content and engagement for each brand.

New Twitter followers in 22 months


More people attended matches in 2015


More season passes sold in 2015 than in 2014


Moving social media on

Edgbaston wanted to engage with a wider audience of fans and stakeholderds and differentiate the three cricket clubs at home at the stadium, as well as the hospitality side of the business. By taking on Orlo, Edgbaston began to establish separate brands on social media and rapidly increase followers and engagement.

Showing the value of social media

The detailed analytics provided by orlo on audience, engagement, clicks and social media ROI offer a presentable way to show the value of social media to chief executives and senior management in a way that's easy to understand.

Edgbaston @Edgbaston

“Since we’ve had Orlo, we’ve joined up our social media, meaning we could deal with all messages in one inbox, helping us to action messages and respond to queries quite simply and easily. Orlo has moved us on light years.”

@_seanmiller - Head of Content

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