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Ordnance Survey (OS) has been making maps of Britain for over 200 years and began their social media journey in 2008. OS wanted to implement a digital strategy in order to engage meaningfully with a wider audience and to meet the business’ objective of raising the brand’s profile. Using engaging content and national campaigns, OS has increased brand awareness, delivered demonstrable ROI and improved audience engagement.

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A new brand message

The challenge of driving home this brand message of diversity and knowledge is a real one. This is where social media presented a unique solution. language and tone of voice could be less formal and inspiring video and image content could be at the forefront as audiences were younger than usual target audiences. Gemma Nelson, Social Media Manager, says; “we’re now working to ensure our social media strategy supports Ordnance Survey’s wider business strategy and serves the audiences we want to communicate with.”

Ambition and innovation

As social grew, so did Ordnance Survey’s ambition to reach more people and drive innovation within communities. This is when geovation was born. providing space, funding and information to individuals, SME's and corporate organisations, geovation aims to drive innovation to tackle social, environmental and economic issues using location data, and was winner of the geospatial hub of the year award 2018. With two distinct brands to manage, it is more important than ever to regularly analyse the performance of the digital content. being able to do this using Orlo, gemma says, helps “…refine our content and messaging by seeing exactly which posts, which wording, which images at which times are driving the most clicks to our website.”

Impacting real business outcomes

Focusing on the new digital strategy and with the help of Orlo, Ordnance Survey has driven 70% growth on Instagram and 58% on Facebook over the last 12 months. Gemma says; “the ability to analyse the content and produce custom reports for different areas of the business means we can see what is working and what we need to work on in the future.”

Streamlining processes

But it wasn’t just the social media team seeing positive results. As well as this, the business managed over 53,000 messages over the last 12 months using Orlo. Gemma says the introduction of advanced automation within the platform helped to streamline processes; “by automatically assigning all private messages to customer services, as well as setting up keywords, Orlo has helped cut response times for our customers."

The path to social

Having experimented with social media using native channels, marketing and customer services teams began to see the potential of embedding social media more formally into their departments and practices. A new strategy was formed and Ordnance Survey began looking for a social media management platform to meet the medium and long-term needs and objectives of the teams. Gemma says; “with multiple areas of our business engaging with social media, we wanted a way to track campaigns and tag content for our reporting. Orlo seemed like the best solution for a growing social media team.”

Finding the right partner

Orlo quickly became a valuable asset for multiple teams within the organisation. With the ability to centrally manage all incoming queries, in the office and out of hours on the go, OS transformed into a truly customer-centric operation. Gemma says; “Orlo offered a great way to see all incoming queries in one place and quickly assign them to different business areas and our customer services team. The mobile app also means that we can manage queries even while we’re out of the office, which is great for brand management.”

Social listening results

Having in-built analytics, reporting on social media, website and team performance, as well as social listening results, has meant the OS has been able to demonstrate real business outcomes and gain further social media buy-in. Gemma says; “The analytics are comprehensive and offer detailed reporting options all within the platform, so it’s very practical, as well as convenient.”

Campaign performance visibility

Having campaign performance visibility has allowed OS to target their marketing activities, resulting in greater ROI. Gemma says; “The ability to tag outgoing content to campaigns also offered the chance to track our b2c, b2b and b2g content and see where our efforts needed to be concentrated.”

Ordnance Survey @OrdnanceSurvey

“Orlo offered a great way to see all incoming queries in one place and quickly assign them to different business areas and our customer services team. The mobile app also means that we can manage queries even while we’re out of the office, which is great for brand management.”

- Gemma Nelson - Social Media Manager

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