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Patisserie Holdings has been providing lovingly handmade cakes since 1926 and began their social media journey with Orlo in 2016. Patisserie Holdings wanted to streamline the daily management of all social channels, engage meaningfully with current and new audiences and to meet business objectives by raising brand awareness in the online world.

Growth in Facebook likes over 12 months


Growth in social media ROI over 12 months


Increase in social conversion


Utilising social more effectively

After seeing a major increase of social media followers within the past 3 years, Patisserie Holdings wanted to utilise their social media channels more effectively. They wanted to use social channels to attract a younger audience demographic by using a less formal tone of voice and inspirational video and image content to increase the page’s following. An important business goal is to deliver an increased social ROI whilst only using a small budget. Over 12 months, they increased social conversions by 577%. They achieve this by targeting relevant audiences and making a customer’s online journey a smooth and quick process.

Spreading positive brand perception

It is important to Patisserie Holdings to create a positive brand perception and spread brand love, as their products are lovingly handmade in their bakeries and they want this mirrored online to their audience. Molly Holmes, Group Social Media Manager, says: “Patisserie Holdings want to use social media to communicate to our audience that there are many fantastic aspects to each individual brand within the company. I am now working to ensure our social media strategy supports personalised online campaigns and increased video content to showcase product awareness and position ourselves as a customer-centric organisation.”

Streamlining social media management

As social grew and new business objectives were set, Patisserie Holdings wanted to streamline how they managed social media on a daily basis and that’s when they teamed up with Orlo to modernise and restructure their social strategy. Molly worked on a strategy that altered the focus of sharing generic, informative content, to a new, personalised online strategy. With four brands to manage, it is so important to understand the performance of new campaigns and by using Orlo, Molly says: “analysing online performance has never been easier as Orlo tracks which posts, with which content and at which time are encouraging the highest click through rate to achieve business objectives, which is one of our main aims.”

A new digital strategy

Focusing on the new digital strategy with the help of Orlo, Patisserie Holdings has driven 135.44 % growth in Facebook followers, 77.71% in Twitter followers and 119.23% in Instagram followers over the last 12 months. Molly says: “having the option to fully analyse all areas of marketing and engagement through Orlo, helps me to understand what is working well online and the areas which need to be changed to focus on business objectives and aims.”

Encouraging email subscribers

As Patisserie Holdings social media followers grew, so did their email subscription members. Patisserie Holdings implemented an e-mail system called Cake Club in 2015, which is used to send general updates, new flashes, offers, personalised campaigns and targeted emails to anyone who has manually signed up. Patisserie Holdings use both Cake Club and social media to cross promote, with the original aim of increasing followers and sign ups, Molly says: “when pushing Cake Club sign ups through social media, I am easily able to track the final figure to showcase how powerful social channels can be. We also use Cake Club to set up social media campaigns such as an Instagram photo competition and specific barcoded offers which customers can show in store from their personal social accounts.”

Social media on the go

As always, there is a risk of someone posting something online which can be very brand damaging. Orlo offers a great way to streamline all incoming enquiries for all social accounts and brands and you can quickly assign them to other departments within the business if something is urgent. Molly says; “Orlo have developed a mobile app which allows you to monitor all online activity through social media, so even if I am out of the office, I can always have control and monitor the accounts at any time of the day.”

Proving the power of social media

Orlo has in-built analytics, engagement and marketing reports which track both online and website performance which means that Patisserie Holdings has been able to demonstrate online performance too. Molly says: “the analytics reports are very in-depth which helps me to prove the power of social media to other departments including a monthly report to the board who like to understand our online presence.”

Patisserie Valerie @valeriecafe

“Analysing online performance has never been easier as Orlo tracks which posts, with which content and at which time are encouraging the highest click-through rate to achieve business objectives, which is one of our main aims.”

@valeriecafe - Molly Holmes, Group Social Media Manager

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