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Featured Story | Written by Ben Nimmo
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Changing the Conversation: introducing our latest update

The best brands on social media use it like you and I do. That means having real, meaningful conversations and making the most of the real-time interaction that social media allows.

17 May - 10 min read

High-volume social media

But that’s not always easy for brands when they’re dealing with high-volume, high-pressure social media conversations such as competitions, service issues or emergency situations. An important customer enquiry might get lost in a competition thread, a train delay might result in hundreds of inbound messages, or an appeal for information on a missing person could quickly swamp your social media team.

We’ve worked closely with a group of the most forward-thinking brands to find effective solutions to common high-volume scenarios. We’ve also taken this opportunity to revisit the engagement metrics we provide. Today, we’re really excited to be able to reveal; Orlo “Conversations”.

We’re bringing you a new, streamlined way to manage high-volume social media conversations, while still maintaining the clean, customisable inbox that our customers love. We’ve also introduced powerful new metrics into our engagement report to give you an even deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and how you can meet them.

Your inbox, your way

Different types of social conversation require different ways to manage. Orlo will now provide two different inbox modes, the existing layout where each interaction comes into the inbox as an individual message, or a new “conversations mode” where Orlo groups together all messages that are part of the same thread. The new Conversations mode delivers fast viewing and processing of large threads, meaning you can keep track of a conversation and no important messages go unanswered. Conversations mode also gives you the ability to assign whole threads to team members, making managing ongoing issues, updates or competitions fast and simple. All Orlo features are still available in conversations mode.

Even cleaner interface

We understand that social media interactions can be fast and frenetic, so we’ve made our inbox layout even more clear and streamlined, meaning quicker actions by yourself and by your teams. The inbox now also includes a brand-new mini-dashboard, providing a quick snapshot of all your most important statistics, including how many messages you have, how many are new and how many have already been assigned to a team member, so you always have a current status right at your fingertips when dealing with high volumes of messages.

Context and collaboration

Bringing together teams and individuals to collaborate over issues and opportunities is one of the hallmarks of a truly customer-centric organisation. This holistic approach ensures that the customer gets the fastest, most effective resolution, and the organisation is operating in a truly joined-up fashion. That’s why we’re now giving you the ability to insert notes within the thread of a conversation, bringing context to the note and ensuring anyone picking up the conversation is fully up to speed.

Resolve messages

You will now have the opportunity to resolve individual or group messages once you’re done with them, meaning teams can keep on top of the messages that require their attention and also providing another layer of metrics around not just response time, but also conversation resolution time. Resolved messages can easily be retrieved and reopened by using our powerful inbox filters and searching for resolved messages.

New ways to measure

The new inbox features we’ve introduced allow us to provide additional metrics for your social customer service operation, giving you even greater insight into the performance of teams and individuals.

1. Resolution and handling time

An in-depth analysis of resolution and handling time will help you gauge how quickly and easily team members are able to resolve an enquiry. This will prove useful in identifying areas of individual and team improvement, as well as flagging up any gaps in resource or skills. A weekly summary of response times will also be available, helping you plan and resource better for peak times.

2. Sentiment conversations

Just how well are your social media agents dealing with enquiries? You will now be able to view the shift in sentiment across the course of a conversation, comparing the sentiment at the start of an interaction through to when it was resolved. This gives you the opportunity to report on how efficiently team members are able to reach a positive outcome with customers. Conversely, if interactions are handled badly and result in a negative resolution, you now have visibility of this. powered with this knowledge, you can analyse what’s working and what isn’t and implement new processes in handling online conversations.

3. SLA reporting

We all know that response time is a key metric if you are going to encourage your customers to see social media as the best way to talk to you. With the new customisable service level agreement (SLA) report, you can create your own targets and measure whether these targets are being met by your teams or individual members. You can use this to provide feedback on performance and track improvements of teams over time.

By working closely with our users we’ve delivered an update which provides an effective way to handle high-volume social media conversations, giving you an even cleaner and simpler user experience, and which has added an extra layer of social customer service metrics that will help you improve your operation and amaze your customers.

Ben Nimmo is the Founder and CTO of Orlo. A serial entrepreneur with a history of successful tech start-ups, Ben is passionate about finding new ways for businesses to harness the power of digital technology to deliver world-class marketing and customer service.

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