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Emotive CX trends to implement into your 2019 strategy

The core premise of customer experience is that relationships and experiences matter to the point of changing behaviours. So if you can create powerful experiences and inspire positive emotions with your customers, you can begin to influence behaviours at scale.

16 Jan - 6 min read

Emotion drives behaviour

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel…” – Maya Angelou. This quote has never been more true.

It’s now universally accepted that emotion drives behaviour – not rational thought or measured consideration – this is true of both our personal and professional choices.

So why does this matter to customer experience? Well, the core premise of customer experience is that relationships and experiences matter to the point of changing behaviours. So if you can create powerful experiences and inspire positive emotions with your customers, you can begin to influence behaviours at scale.

These behaviours might be to turn your audience into advocates, social connections and website visitors into customers, or to encourage those that matter to see online as the best way to talk to you. But before we can deploy effective customer experience strategies, we must first understand the key trends, triggers and areas to focus on.

Emotive online CX trends

The Emotive Online CX Trends 2019 guidebook has been developed to capture a snapshot of what leading European enterprise brands will be focussing on in 2019 and how they will be harnessing the power of emotion to drive customer experience, marketing and sales. Created as a guide to help senior decision-makers understand the key trends and develop effective tactics, this resource will help brands benchmark and sense-check their strategies before deploying them.

From the independent research conducted by Survey Sampling International using 150 leading organisations from the UK and Europe, we’ve identified the top 5 online customer experience trends that leading brands will be focusing on in 2019;

1. ) Emotional customer journey

A huge amount of your customers’ experience is emotional. Throughout their customer journey with you they are having positive and negative emotional reactions, this is happening at both a conscious and subconscious level. So how aware are brands of the role that emotion plays? Well, 88% of organisations across Europe said that managing customer emotion is “very important” or “important” to their online customer experience strategy. Interestingly, large-scale organisations (with 1000+ employees) ranked managing customer emotion a higher priority than smaller-scale organisations (500+ employees) with 14% more regarding emotion as “very important”.

2.) Emotional satisfaction

Just because a customer is rationally satisfied, it doesn’t mean they are emotionally satisfied. It’s that emotional satisfaction that will drive customers to engage and connect with your company going forward. When asked what the key emotional triggers were for successfully creating positive customer emotions and powerful online customer experiences, 67% said having confidence in a brand was important, followed by 57% who indicated a simple, stress-free interaction was key, and finally 52% referenced feeling safe and secure.

3.) Key online CX strategies

In saturated and constantly-evolving markets customer experience will increasingly impact both the top and bottom line. We wanted to identify the key online customer experience strategies that organisations will be focussing on in 2019. 54% of the organisations surveyed said fast and effective customer responses was a priority for online customer experience in 2019. Next, 51% of brands said that using customer experience to help drive revenue was a key strategic goal for them over the next twelve months. The final most common objective for 2019 was adding greater levels of personalisation to customer experiences, this was important for 48% of organisations surveyed.

4.) Measuring customer emotion

Do you really know how your customers feel about their various experiences with your brand? Emotion will affect whether you lose or keep customers, whether they buy more or less from you, and whether they become public advocates or detractors for your brand. As the saying goes, “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”, so we wanted to capture a snapshot of the tools and techniques that brands are using to measure customer emotion. 55% of brands are using surveys and questionnaires, 44% use social listening and media monitoring, and 55% use automated sentiment analysis.

5.) Barriers to success

With 88% of brands identifying emotion management as key to their customer experience strategy for 2019, it’s clear that there is a real desire for improvement. However, many CX projects never come to fruition due to common internal barriers. We wanted to highlight the main to barriers to your organisation delivering the customer experience it needs for the challenges ahead. Budget still remained the most significant barrier for 55% of organisations, 49% said that not having appropriate technology in place was holding them back, finally, a lack of internal “expertise” and “understanding” was a significant online Customer experience barrier.

In summary

So there we have it, the top 5 online customer experience trends that leading brands across the UK and Europe will be focussing on for 2019. Digital economies have reset the balance of power between brand and consumer, with consumers continuing to adopt technology at a faster pace than brands. Leading organisations are now doing amazing things online, raising the bar and also customer expectations. With barriers to switching allegiance non-existent – all it takes is one bad interaction and your customers will move to your closest competitor or leave you a negative public review.

We’ve created a comprehensive guidebook to help you define, design and embed successful customer experience strategies for 2019. It features more data that you can take away and apply immediately, as well as commentaries from leading customer experience organisations like Virgin Trains, Thames Water and comms2point0. We hope you enjoy it and find it really useful.

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