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Featured Story | Written by Komol Ahsan
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How to recruit top talent using social media

Ensuring your messaging reaches your target audiences, especially when competing for the top talent in your sector, is crucial to your digital recruitment strategy. Here's how to use social media to maximise your recruitment success.

15 Mar - 10 min read

Introducing social media into your recruitment strategy

“…top tier talent do not sieve through job boards or company career sections when embarking on their new chapter in life, rather, they are performing well in their current role and get proactively presented with opportunities that are too exciting to refuse.”*

Whether you agree with the above statement or not isn’t important, you still want the best talent for your organisation. If you’re not yet using social media channels as part of your recruitment strategy, let me tell you how you can maximise social media to source the top talent for your vacancies.

Targeted head-hunting

We all know LinkedIn has changed the recruitment industry, with the ability to understand and penetrate company hierarchies, allowing recruiters to openly source candidates that may be qualified for vacancies. All of your competitors are utilising this same avenue. So the time to get creative is now, to adopt new techniques and approaches in order to secure the very best professionals.

This means exploring the other top social networks. This may not only open the talent pool even wider, but networks such as Facebook and Twitter will also provide insights into individuals’ personalities. This is key to understanding not only whether someone is suitable for a position skillswise, but will help you gauge whether this person can adapt to your business culture. After all, 19% of executives said new hires, especially millennials, leave because they don’t like their organisation’s culture.”** Some reports even claim that the cost to replace a highly-trained employee can exceed 200% of their annual salary, so finding out all the facts so you can get it right first time is crucial.

Social media is like a cocktail party

Seeking talent yourself is not the only way to build your business on social media. How your audience engages with your brand and why, is equally important. There’s a catastrophic misconception within the social media world that content should just be about your brand, products and services; in other words ‘listen to what we have to say and buy our things’.

But, social media is like a cocktail party, the name of the game is to work the room; if you only talk about yourself, your audience will quickly lose interest and the conversation won’t develop any further than on social media. Most of all,  your audience wants to know you care, so get to know them, educate, inform, and generally try to add value. Get this right and you will build loyalty, securing repeat business for your organisation.

Sharing the right content

Organisations like Robert Walters, a specialist global recruitment company, execute the above principles very well. They not only share content around interview tips, salary advice and current topics, but they also empower their consultants with knowledge so they can share content on their own social pages, building their profiles and credibility by doing so. Candidates feel so much more at ease when dealing with a consultant who not only cares about them personally, but also understands their market, industry, and challenges.

Importantly,  don’t hesitate to use the great content you’re pushing on social media to promote the leading organisations you’re working with and vacancies you’re trying to fill. Choose trending topics and be sector specific in your blog posts and podcasts, this will draw appropriate candidates straight to you. Keep your content fresh by incorporating other assets such as videos and infographics.

Culture is key

The content you share on social media can also help differentiate you from your competitors. In particular, content that showcases your exciting business culture can be a big hit with your target audiences. Publicising awards, staff achievements and even office banter humanises your brand, making it attractive to the candidates you’re seeking and elevating your reputation with businesses you’re hoping to work with.

Furthermore, your employees are your best brand advocates. If your corporate values run as a consistent narrative throughout your business and you tie all of your activities back to them, then your people will understand them better, communicate with them better and perform better – securing more business and feeling happier doing it. It’s not enough to simply create an image of what you want your culture to look like, your employees need to live and breathe it and have it reinforced in an authentic and relevant way. An advantage of this is being able to use the advocacy you’re building to further your reach online, by encouraging employees to like and share your content on social media.

The right tools for the job (sorry about the pun!)

If your organisation hasn’t yet embraced social media, it’s good to know that heading down this route need not be daunting, in particular if you have the right tech behind you.  Creating moments of customer magic with a complete online engagement ecosystem like Orlo, you can not only schedule organic and paid social media content, but engage quickly and effectively with candidates via social and live chat channels, and monitor online and print media sources to identify opportunities and keep your finger on the industry pulse.

Making paid advertising work for you (sorry, another pun!)

It’s no secret that many social media networks are becoming ‘pay-to-play’ – with organic reach falling fast. Because of this paid advertising is now a key tactical component in successful strategies and efficient budgets. Orlo now offers the ability to boost high performing posts and reporting on paid and organic performance side-by-side. This allows you to place your perfect job ad in the feed of your target audience at a precise moment, and then report back on the ROI of your campaign. The level of data that networks like LinkedIn and Facebook capture on their users make this a very cost-effective recruitment channel.

Social media is an exciting, evolving landscape. The fact that the majority of the developed world now has some form of social media account makes it a channel where you can connect instantly with those that matter. Use it to grow your audience, your contacts, and fill more vacancies.  



Komol is a Business Development Manager, who is passionate about helping organisations harness human connections. He has extensive experience in the recruitment, retail and financial sectors, working with Robert Walters, Ocado and Admiral Insurance. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to podcasts and is an avid boxing fan!

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