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Featured Story | Written by Ben Nimmo
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Introducing the new “Communicate” module

Marketing professionals in 2017 are living in a time of unprecedented opportunity. Without leaving your office chair you have the ability to grab the attention of your target audience and connect in meaningful, real-time dialogue – moving these people with a beautiful call to action

30 Oct

Perfectly crafted posts

Everyday 500,000,000 tweets are sent, Instagram has doubled to 700 million users in the last 24 months, Facebook is prioritising visuals above your perfectly crafted posts, and “influencers” are stealing all of the limelight. This is compounded by a constantly-growing workload compromising the quality of content that you can create and publish.

With 2.46 billion people spending almost 2.5 hours on social media each day and moving seamlessly between a bewildering array of social media networks, the question for marcomms professionals is, where is your audience and how do you turn their head?

In light of the changing social media marketing dynamics, for the last six months, deep in the underground Orlo lab, a team of expert designers and developers has been analysing your needs and secretly-building a new breed of social media marketing module fit for the future – and today we get to get to take the covers off and reveal it.

The new Orlo “Communicate” module takes social media engagement to a new level, removing all of the frustrations marcomms teams previously faced and creating new ways for you to stand out from the crowd and inspire your customers.   

I’m really excited to, for the first time, be able to share just a few of the exciting, powerful new features in this next generation of social media marketing technology.

Instagram publishing

The fastest-growing social media network, Instagram is the perfect place to tell your stories, grow your brand and engage your audience. Orlo will now empower you to create, schedule and publish beautiful images and vibrant videos that will help you grow a loyal following of fans.

A suite of Instagram analytics will report on all of the key metrics and tell you which of your content is resonating with your audience. Orlo will then pull all of your Instagram comments into your customer service inbox so that you can engage in real-time dialogue.

Auto-complete for Twitter handles and Facebook pages

We want to help you share better content, collaborate with key influencers, and of course – save you precious time. This is why we’ve introduced auto-complete for Twitter handles and Facebook pages into our platform. Now all you have to do is hit @ and start typing the name of the Facebook business page or the Twitter handle of the important person that you want to see and retweet your content, and Orlo will give you a drop-down list of options to choose from. So there’s no more struggling to remember the right spelling and having to jump into a network natively, it can now all be done from within Orlo.

Post previews per social network

Not all content is created equal. And the exact same content should not be shared across all networks. The fight for eyeballs on social media is at fever pitch, and all of your competitors also know that images and videos get more attention. So with everyone sharing similar content at similar times, how do you achieve that competitive edge which will win you the click battle?

The answer lies in having perfectly-proportioned and presented posts. With this in mind, we have built post previews per social network into Orlo, allowing you to check the layout, content and formatting of a single post when you adapt it and schedule it across several networks. It also allows you to check that the correct image is being pulled through if you’re linking your post to a website.

Optimum posting times

Timing is everything on social media. with increasingly over-crowded newsfeeds, the lifespan of your social media posts is decreasing. The life-cycle of a tweet is now estimated to be 18 – 24 minutes, with a Facebook post reaching 75% of its impressions in 2.5 hours. So sending your content out at the perfect time is critical.

That’s why, as part of the scheduling flow in Orlo, you will now be able to take a quick visual check of your optimum times to post each day. Also, to help you create a consistent calendar of high-quality content, you will be able to quickly check what posts you already have scheduled on any specific day – preventing clashes and giving you a constant flow of content.

Multiple vanity URL’s

You wouldn’t share a TV commercial, email notification or press release without your brand name being all over it. So why, in the digital age of mass sharing, would you leave your brand name out of a URL? Especially when one of the main social media objectives is to gain clicks, reach and brand awareness by encouraging likes and shares.

To supercharge this opportunity, Orlo is giving you the ability to create multiple vanity URLs, perhaps one for each of the brands you manage or the departments within your organisation. You will also now be able to include multiple different vanity URL’s within the same post.

City geo-targeting for Facebook

Marcomms professionals have long been challenged to reach specific customers with a targeted message at a precise time. One of the parameters often used to identify a unique audience is location. Orlo has included a number of targeting options for Facebook and Linkedin for some time, enabling you to target your important organic content at a particular audience. We’ve now given you even more power and accuracy by taking geo-location down to city and town level in your Facebook targeting options in Orlo. so you can speak to customers both near your organisation, or in a specific city or town, about an issue only they care about – helping you segment your audience and maintain engagement.

Ben Nimmo is the Founder and CTO of Orlo. A serial entrepreneur with a history of successful tech start-ups, Ben is passionate about finding new ways for businesses to harness the power of digital technology to deliver world-class marketing and customer service.

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