Deliver fast, effective interactions that create powerful customer moments and clear internal efficiency.

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Build a complete, unified view of your customers and move seamlessly between channels - just as your customers do. Create incredible customer moments, sales opportunities and deep customer understanding.


Give every agent on every channel a complete view of a customer’s every interactions with you, delivering context and collaboration.


Fast and informed interactions deliver consistently high levels of service to the customer, building more trust with every interaction.


Become truly customer-centric and transform Customer Services into “the voice of the customer” for the whole organisation.

How it
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View and launch CRM systems alongside both social media and live chat interactions.
Orlo has partnered with Microsoft to build a deep social media integration that delivers out of the box Dynamics365 case management.
Create huge internal efficiencies by completing launching any CRM system within the Orlo platform.
No more switching between screens, softwares and devices, effortlessly inspire your customers with effective resolutions.
Remove the opportunity for multiple CRM records to be created, helping keep data clean and accurate.
Define the data that you want to pull and push, so your agents see only the most relevant and useful information.
Make market-leading customer experience simple, enjoyable and profitable.

Key Features of Orlo's
CRM Integration module

  • Integrate any standard or bespoke CRM system
  • Quick search and find look-up for CRM records
  • Two-way integrations pulls and pushes data both ways
  • A complete view across every customer interaction
  • See a CRM snapshot or fully-launch any application
  • Deep out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Dynamics

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