Build real, human online relationships - use instant social conversations to drive sales and support.

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Keep All your
Online Customer
in one place.

Join up your online channels and create consistently powerful online customer experience. Move seamlessly across live chat and social media conversations to drive efficiency, sales, and support.


The fastest way for a customer with an enquiry to talk to you, Live Chat enables you to have personalised conversation that drive added value.


Help more customers in less time. Create happy customers, discover sales opportunities and produce internal efficiencies.


Your website and your social media channels are where customers now talk, respond to them on both through a single platform.

How it
Can Help

Help customers before they leave your website and resolve their query in the same channel.
Let Live Chat take the pressure off your email and telephone channels, saving money and creating powerful customer moments.
Make online check-outs fast and simple by being there for your customers when they need your help.
A clear and intuitive management dashboard co-ordinates agent activity across social media and live chat, building flexibility into your contact centre.
Real-time alerts ensure multiple interactions, channels and accounts can be handled - and nothing is missed.
Save time and work efficiently across multiple chats by creating template responses to your FAQ’s.
Add notes against a conversation or contact to support collaboration and provide meaningful context.
Apply tags to conversations and contacts to power targeted reporting on issues, competitions, customer segments etc.
Deliver effective and informed responses by viewing CRM data alongside chats, then push chat data into your CRM.

Key Features of Orlo's
Live Chat module

  • A dashboard to manage teams and individuals
  • Real-time, customisable reporting
  • Assign messages to colleagues or escalate to managers
  • Add notes to a chat for context and collaboration
  • Build a unified customer view with a two-way CRM integration
  • Send and receive multiple file types
  • Let customers rate chats for continual improvement
  • Customise Orlo chat with your own branding

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See how the world’s biggest brands create powerful social customer experiences at scale using the Orlo ecosystem.