Understand your customers and act quickly on the next big opportunity or crisis.

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Your Complete
Media Monitoring Module

Incredible customer experiences start with understanding your audience. Use these insights to develop products, inform strategies and stay ahead of the competition.


Push insights to Marketing or Customer Services from within a single platform, making the most of every customer moment.


Filter out the noise and monitor what matters most to you, identifying key influencers and important PR events.


Benchmark against competitor activity and monitor what their customers’ are saying, use this to identify commercial opportunities.

How it Can Help

Manage your reputation, correct mis-truths and proactively enter important conversations.
Customisable search queries ensure that only the key insights rise to the top, helping you understand what it takes to stand out.
Operate at the speed of social and resolve issues in the same channel before they have chance to escalate.
A suite of powerful reports automatically measure the metrics that matter, enabling fast end-of-month reporting.
Stay close to the people and conversations that matter while on the move, with the Orlo mobile app.

Key Features of Orlo's
Media Monitoring module

  • Build monitoring streams across single or multiple networks
  • Monitor mentioned and indirect conversations around your brand
  • Identify and join conversations around your brand
  • Monitor by keywords, hashtags, phrases and accounts
  • Engage Influencers and monitor competitors
  • Calculate the PR value of conversations around your brand
  • Sentiment automatically attributed to coverage
  • Quickly share, flag, assign, or escalate coverage to stakeholders

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Want to know what
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Let us show you how you can be first to react to any opportunity or crisis, and how to use online conversations to develop services and sharpen messages.