Operate at the speed of social and never miss a moment that matters.

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Be Available When
your Customers
Need You Most

Support your customers, move fast on opportunities and stay close to your content and your team. The Orlo mobile app gives you complete visibility and control while on-the-go.


Empower your mobile workforce, delivering powerful customer service and marketing at the speed of social.

Stay close

Stay close to your social team and never miss a thing that happens across any of your social media channels.


Be alerted by real-time mobile push notifications to key activities across your social media operation.

How it
Can Help

Save time while you’re on the move, while driving efficiency and response times.
Manage all of your social media feeds from anywhere, at anytime.
Manage all of your inbound questions and comments.
Create on-the-fly content for coverage of live events.
Review, approve and publish content at the perfect moment.
Only see what’s relevant to you with customisable alerts and settings.
Keep your mobile operation secure with fingerprint and PIN security.

Key Features of Orlo's
Mobile module

  • Create an image, edit and publish
  • Publish posts and respond across all social media accounts
  • Tag posts as part of specific campaigns
  • Apply message filters and edit message sentiment
  • Notification alerts for new messages or those assigned to you
  • Notification alerts for posts published or which failed to publish
  • Collaborate with colleagues or escalate messages to managers
  • Monitor your social accounts, customers and partners

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Want to operate at
the speed of social
while on-the-move?

Let us show you how the Orlo mobile app will help you manage social customer service, create marketing content that cuts through and stay close to your team.