Effortless service on WhatsApp and SMS using the channels most convenient and comfortable to your customers.

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Easy, fast, and familiar Customer Care

Give your customers the choice to speak to you where they are happiest and in a way that allows you to deliver fast and effective resolutions.


Integrate your channels and remove silos of data. Create a unified view of all customer care analytics and apply advanced automation where appropriate.


Quickly train agents and remove the need to procure multiple systems to manage multiple online channels. Engage customers at a low cost to you - and them.


WhatsApp and SMS are part of everyday life, make customer engagement enjoyable for your customers and your agents.

How it can help

A single online engagement ecosystem for managing Social Media, WhatsApp, SMS and Live Chat queries.
Create a unified view of your customer, channels, and analytics.
Enable your customer to talk to you on their channel of choice.
Easy and low cost customer service on the world's largest messaging platform.
SMS is universal - ensure that all of your customers can contact you in one place.
Increased security as WhatsApp is linked to someone’s phone.
Easy and low cost customer service on the world's largest messaging platform.

Key Features of Orlo's
WhatsApp and SMS module

  • Send and receive videos, photos and PDFs
  • Add notes to a chat for context and collaboration
  • Assign messages to users or forward to colleagues via email
  • Sentiment and influence score automatically assigned
  • Tag messages and group together for powerful reporting

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