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Featured Story | Written by Rachael Richardson-Bullock
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Sneak peek at the largest ever public sector social media survey

2018 has been a huge year for already social media so far; from algorithm changes and fake news to data security issues, it’s difficult to predict what will happen next, what trends will emerge or fade away.

29 Mar

5 opportunities for digital investment

In this ever-changing social landscape, making a strong case for digital investment and demonstrating social ROI has never been more crucial in the public sector.

Teaming up once again with comms2point0, we’re launching a brand new guide, based on data from the largest ever social media study into the public sector. Giving you an early glimpse of some of the findings from the research, here are 5 opportunities for public sector organisations to up their game on social media in 2018:

1. Go live

This is can be daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before, but the fact of the matter is that Facebook Live content is now being prioritised by network algorithms so it’s well worth exploring as a fresh, new means of engaging with audiences.
Ensuring live events are well planned, rehearsed and polished is essential to establishing your brand as digitally savvy.

2. Invest in paid media

It’s well known that many social networks are shifting towards a pay-to-play scenario, but there’s conflict in the public sector between the need to spend money on paid media and ongoing budget cuts. Ensure you are able to demonstrate social ROI and prove real-world outcomes, this is crucial to building a detailed business case which will convince the wider business of the value of the increased reach and engagement that comes with social advertising.

3. Implement social listening into your digital strategy

Social listening is a great way to keep an eye on content surrounding your brand and manage your reputation. Social listening is now commonplace in the public sector, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to implement this into your digital strategy. This will help you better understand your customers and you can use this information for critical decision making.

4. Evolve your business culture or risk falling behind.

Securing social media buy-in from the wider business can be a challenge and is often a barrier to achieving digital maturity. More so than this, your business culture needs to promote an environment of change and transformation, where teams can try new things and make bold decisions and managers can invest in skills training and new technology. Working towards evolving the business culture will encourage digital innovation.

5. Work together

Managing social media enquiries has traditionally fallen to comms teams, or a combination of comms and customer services teams, both of whom often have different priorities and goals. A disjointed way of working behind the scenes often results in a poor digital experience for the customer, holding back your opportunity to encourage real behavioural change. If you can create an efficient and productive collaboration, or better still, get customer services answering customer service enquiries, will ensure you can deliver excellent customer experiences and meet your response time KPIs. KPIs are a great measure of success, as is monitoring the rate of first-time solutions, both of which are particularly important as inbound social enquiries increasing across public sector areas.

So whether you want to smash it on social this year, or whether you just want to improve your online customer service offering, there are lessons to be learned from these research findings.

Rachael Richardson-Bullock is Marketing Communications Coordinator at Orlo. Storytelling is at the heart of everything she does and is passionate about the positive impact social media has on lives and businesses. A fiction writer in her spare time, she also enjoys taking her puppy for walks and watching Sherlock.

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