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Featured Story | Written by Ben Nimmo
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SocialSignIn has evolved….say hello to, Orlo

It's been an amazing six years, but your customers' needs and habits have changed. Discover how creating powerful online experiences and inspiring positive emotions will allow you to influence behaviour, at scale.

18 Sep - 7 min read

Our journey so far

Six years ago I set out on a journey to help organisations manage social media and the growing opportunities and challenges it brought, with little more than a mental blueprint for a new breed of social media management platform and big ambitions to find a better way for organisations to interact with their customers online. I’m really proud to say we did that.

Since then, we built SocialSignin into a global platform used by hundreds of leading brands and thousands of users to engage and delight their customers in real-time and across every social media network. We’re now proud to count diverse organisations such as Ocado, Mercedes-Benz, Companies House and Birmingham City Council amongst our clients.

The critical success factor in our success has been amazing relationships….the wonderful relationships we have with our customers and partners, our relationships as a growing team of passionate entrepreneurs – and ultimately, the great relationships we have enabled our valued customers to have with their own customers through social media. These relationships and the support we provide mean that over 90% of our customers stay with us year-on-year.

Harnessing human connection

We, as a business, are about building amazing relationships and  “harnessing human connection” in the modern era, it’s the basis of what we do and, more importantly, why we do it.

We believe that, if correctly embraced, amazing relationships can be created or strengthened by adopting technology effectively. As the digital revolution accelerates, organisations that use technology as a vehicle to inspire powerful, emotional customer experiences will be the ones that prosper.

It’s universally accepted that emotion drives behaviour. The latest research from the most trusted global research agencies reveals the important role that emotion plays in brand-consumer relationships. Harvard Business School found that 95% of purchase-making decisions take place subconsciously and are driven by emotion.

Similarly, the Forrester Customer Experience Index 2018 identified “emotion” as a key pillar of customer service and sales, and that when customers feel valued and appreciated, 87% become advocates and 74% remain with the brand.

Your customers now move seamlessly across online channels when they speak to you – without thinking twice – it’s essential that you can do the same. If you can be there instantly and effectively when they need you most – inspiring positive emotions and creating powerful online experiences – then you can start to influence behaviour and create real opportunities, at scale.

Hello, Orlo

This is the reason why SocialSignIn has now evolved….and why we’re so excited to be able to introduce you to, Orlo.

But before I share what Orlo can do for you and your customers, I think it’s important I share why we do what we do and our vision for the future of online customer experience.

Conversation ecosystem

In a rapidly-changing world, Orlo has brought something completely unique to online customer care and marketing – an online conversation ecosystem built to handle and adapt to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for us all.

For the very first time in one ecosystem, social media has been seamlessly integrated with live chat, and organic social media marketing has been enhanced with paid social media advertising, complementing an existing suite of analytics, customisable automation, media monitoring and CRM integration solutions.

Your customer service team can now work perfectly in sync with your marketing team, providing a powerful digital experience that turns your audience into advocates, social connections and web visitors into customers, and encourages those that matter to see online as the best way to talk to you.

Customer care agents can now switch instantly between social media and live chat conversations, using CRM integration to provide fast, informed responses that create efficiencies, revenue opportunities and incredible customer moments. You can explore the Orlo customer experience module, here.

Targeted marketing

Organic reach is falling, fast. Important messages now need budget behind them to be seen. Orlo gives brands one place to create and analyse all organic and paid social media campaigns side by side. Orlo also recommends your best-performing posts for boosting based on your desired outcomes (clicks, reach or engagement). Use clear insights and inspire your customers to take action by delivering a compelling message at a precise moment, and then attribute social and commercial ROI to your activity. discover the Orlo marketing module, here.

Over the coming weeks we will be holding several webinars to show you these powerful new solutions in action, so look out for the invites to those.

For those thousands of users that we’ve worked closely with and built cherished relationships with over many years, don’t worry, the clean, intuitive social media management platform that you trust and value is still there – but we’re now able to provide you and your customers with even more ways to interact and engage online.

The next chapter

We’re really excited to see Orlo already driving transformation and ROI for our clients, as well as receiving a lot of attention from analysts and press, and this is only the beginning of many more releases planned for 2018/19.

So, from those humble beginnings where it was just me working from an office under the stairs in my house, to a global brand with multi-national offices and thousands of happy customers doing amazing things for their own customers. In Orlo, we’ve created something completing unique, built to harness the power of emotion and human connection for the next era of online customer experience – I hope you can all continue to be part of this exciting journey with us.

If you have any questions or would like to see this pioneering technology in action, please drop us a line here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your support. 

Ben Nimmo

Co-founder & CTO

Ben Nimmo is the Founder and CTO of Orlo. A serial entrepreneur with a history of successful tech start-ups, Ben is passionate about finding new ways for businesses to harness the power of digital technology to deliver world-class marketing and customer service.

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