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The social media suite to manage reputation, engagement and CX

Orlo's G2 Badges - Spring 2023
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The social media suite to manage reputation, engagement and CX

Orlo's G2 Badges - Spring 2023
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We don’t just talk a good game, we bring it!

Over 85 million conversations and trusted by the best

Marketing Engagement

Supercharge your engagement

Don’t just break the surface with your content, spark conversations and grow your engagement levels. With Orlo’s Content Generator, you can create compelling multi-channel posts, check in on your Content Calendar to ensure you’re consistently engaging with your audience, and best of all you can post to all your most important channels in one place with Orlo’s multi-post feature.

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Social Listening

Next generation social listening

With customer interactions flooding in through countless digital channels, extracting actionable insight from reams of data has felt almost impossible – until now. The next generation of social listening has arrived! Ready to listen, understand and act? Let Orlo’s new AI-powered Insights suite help you manage your brand reputation, improve customer experience and boost customer engagement in real-time.

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Customer Service

Drive efficient service interactions

Simplicity is key to great customer service. Our Unified Inbox brings together all of your digital conversations, empowering you and your team to give support when it’s needed most. Whether your interactions take place through Social, Live Chat, WhatsApp or SMS, you can effortlessly deliver the best possible service, while maintaining and improving your brand reputation – all without leaving the Inbox.

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Performance Analytics

See the true value of social

Finding it hard to convince stakeholders of the value of social marketing and comms? With Orlo’s suite of analytics, you’ll have the data to prove it. Go beyond the social clicks and traffic on your site and automatically track the transactions and subscriptions that are a direct result of your efforts to get a complete view of ROI. You can finally give your social actions the praise they deserve! 

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