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National Express

National Express Coaches manage over 18.9m journeys every year and 35,099 inbound social messages per quarter. with a rapidly-growing number of social customers, they needed to find a social management platform to underpin their social customer service going forward.


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National Express @nationalexpress

“Orlo are a young, passionate and energetic team who are very responsive to changing customer trends, which really appealed to us as we wanted a future-proofed solution that would adapt as technology progresses.”

@ - samantha cox - digital contacts manager

Haven @haven

“we needed to save time to create even better content to share and Orlo offered us the chance to visualise a content calendar, making scheduling more straightforward and visible in one platform. one of the most important changes for us was being able to schedule video and GIF content which previous platforms hadn’t allowed. tracking interactions with our customers, such as with hashtag competitions, is also very important to our new strategy, which Orlo’s analytics allows us to do.”

@HavenLiamA - social media content executive

Intellectual Property Office @The_IPO

“Orlo helps us operationally by saving time, but also by better understanding the movements and content needs of our followers. this permits us to manage our activity more strategically and now plays a key role in delivering integrated communication campaigns and in achieving our targets as a department.”

@KEdwards_IPO - senior external communications manager

A-Plan @aplaninsurance

“with Orlo we have been able to improve our presence on social channels and improve our relationships with prospects and existing clients”.

@ - helen costin - marketing executive

The Woodland Trust @woodlandtrust

“in our recent 4-week winter brand campaign, we had the objective of distributing 5k packs of free tree seeds to the public. based on the huge success of our previous two campaigns we had set ourselves an ambitious target of 15k. the response was enormous, thanks to orlo we were able to manage responses much more efficiently than previously. we also use the media monitoring functionality in the platform to find and engage all those who weren’t tagging us in their posts. after 10 days we had to remove the remaining campaign content scheduled, as we had reached almost 40K applications for seeds. we were really impressed with the results and orlo enabled us to manage and implement the campaign.”

@ - sharon wennekers - social media manager

Ricoh Arena @ricoharena

“when we were evaluating social media management tools we had been struggling to find an option that would fit our needs, and our plans going forward, but after our initial demonstration with SocialSignIn we could instantly see the potential.”

@ - joe hagen - digital marketing manager