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Featured Story | Written by Ben Nimmo
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Transforming social marketing: introducing our latest update

The social media marketing landscape changes on an almost weekly basis, with new trends, apps and regulations emerging at a fast pace. This presents both challenges and opportunities for Marketing and Comms professionals in 2019 and the years ahead.

11 Feb - 10 min read

Social marketing challenges

Social media marketing professionals are under growing scrutiny to consistently produce quality content, demonstrate clear ROI and contribute to wider business goals – often without the tools, time or skills to do so effectively. Although 16% of marketing budgets were allocated to innovation in 2018, marketers ranked their digital maturity only 2 out of 5, indicating that although marketing spend was available, teams are struggling to meet the expectations of their organisations.

Being able to quickly report on performance, collaborate with other departments to build a campaign-focused calendar of social content, and effectively allocate advertising spend, are just some of the growing needs for leading marketing teams.

To meet these challenges and harness emerging new opportunities, Orlo is launching a brand new, dedicated marketing module in February 2019. This new module will bring together all key marketing features into one, easy to navigate dashboard, with the addition of some innovative and powerful new features – including paid social media advertising. This new, streamlined space ensures teams can efficiently deliver a compelling message at a precise moment and demonstrate the real ROI of their efforts.

Ahead of its launch on 28th February, here’s a sneak peek of the marketing modules’ powerful new features. Join one of our upcoming webinars to be the first to see it in action.

A clear overview of success

The intuitive new layout pulls together all key marketing functionalities from across Orlo, creating a space specifically designed for marketers professionals. The new overview dashboard allows you to compare organic alongside paid social media performance, then drill down into specific campaigns for a closer look at performance on a micro level, ensuring complete visibility of your success.The dashboard also lets you quickly create posts on the fly, navigate to the content calendar, content generator, validation queue, bulk upload, outbox and the brand new social media advertising feature, without the need to leave the marketing module, creating time-saving efficiencies and collaboration that the whole business will benefit from.

Campaign-focused social media

Getting into the healthy habit of attributing posts to campaigns delivers a complete view of all relevant content and ensures all metrics are associated with the right campaigns. The new dashboard makes this easy for you as it’s been designed with campaigns in mind. Start from scratch, creating a new parent or child campaign straight from the dashboard, or create a post on the fly and then allocate it to an ongoing campaign. Filter the view on your dashboard to focus on the campaigns you’re interested in, allowing you to analyse the success of individual posts and determine the effectiveness of your content.

Having complete visibility on past and current campaigns at the touch of a button, allows you to better understand which of your campaigns are resonating with your audiences and which campaigns might benefit from extra budget.

Boosting high performing posts

In 2018, Facebook’s global ad spend was estimated to rise by 36.3% to $54.44 billion. Overcoming the dramatic decline in organic reach and ensuring key content is reaching the right audiences continue to real challenges for social media marketing in 2019, which is why we’ve joined forces with Facebook and LinkedIn to launch a new paid social advertising functionality that allows you to boost content for maximum results.

Facebook and LinkedIn are leading channels for businesses to invest advertising budget due to the accuracy of their targeting options With the new advertising functionality, there’s now no need to leave Orlo and log into native channels to boost your best performing posts. This will completely remove security concerns around shared native logins and credit card details and will ensure central comms teams can approve ads created by wider teams and benefit from complete visibility over spend and performance.

Browse your top-performing Facebook and LinkedIn posts, build and save target audiences, set budgets and analyse the performance of your boosted posts, all without leaving the marketing module. Metrics on ad spend performance are plugged into Orlo directly from Facebook and LinkedIn, so you can easily access an overview of how boosted posts are performing and demonstrate social ROI.

All of this is only phase one of this powerful new advertising functionality in Orlo. Standalone adverts and Twitter advertising are next on the Orlo product roadmap, which you can access here. These additional features will continue to improve the marketing module and result in even fewer problems arising from having to use native channels.

See the new Marketing Module in action

Use Orlo to improve efficiencies, visibility and control, overcome falling organic reach and attribute greater ROI to your efforts.

Ben Nimmo is the Founder and CTO of Orlo. A serial entrepreneur with a history of successful tech start-ups, Ben is passionate about finding new ways for businesses to harness the power of digital technology to deliver world-class marketing and customer service.

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