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Unifying Customer Service & Marketing

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29th September 2021
1hr 6 mins
Travel & Transport
Customer Experience

About this webinar

According to the 2020 Customer Experience Benchmark report, 54% of organisations state that their customer experience operations are managed in silos. Only 33% of customer experience professionals say they can actively communicate and collaborate across teams to drive improved CX.

With the estimated cost of customers switching due to a poor service experience said to be more than £200 billion (in the UK alone), the need to break down these silos for the benefit of CX has never been greater. Two key departments that can collaborate better are marketing and customer service, and in this virtual roundtable discussion we’ll be looking at the myriad ways of achieving this, and the benefits to businesses of doing so.


  • Why it has been historically so hard to break the silos between service and marketing in major organisations
  • The invaluable insights and feedback that service staff are able to provide marketing teams to improve their customer understanding
  • The indisputable benefits of CX that arise from improved customer service and marketing collaboration
  • Tips to help leaders better achieve unification between their organisation’s service and marketing functions


David Child

Head of PR and Brand at Thomas Cook

Nick Lygo-Baker

Founding Director at Paradigm CX Ltd

Richard Shilton

Head of Customer Success at Orlo

Chris Ward

Editor at

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