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Featured Story | Written by Ben Nimmo
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When social media meets live chat

Your customers now move seamlessly across multiple online channels and conversations each time they talk to you - and they don’t think twice about it. the challenge for brands is to be able to do the same - instantly and effectively.

16 Oct - 5 min read

Human emotion and digital innovation

At the heart of every successful online customer experience (CX) interaction is a beautiful synergy between human emotion and digital innovation. If brands can achieve this balance, they have the ability to influence customer behaviour, at scale. Often meaning that customers will then become digital-first, pay more, buy more…and tell others how good they felt it.

So how do CX professionals create moments that help to influence these behaviours? Well, your customers are now moving seamlessly across multiple online channels each time they talk to you – and they don’t think twice about it. the challenge for brands is to be able to do the same – instantly and effectively.

The barriers to switching allegiance from one brand to another and now pretty much non-existent. All it takes is one slow, disjointed experience and your customers will leave you a negative review, shout about it on Twitter and then jump ship to your fiercest rival.

Compounding this are the growing pressures on customer service teams, where departments are facing a constantly-rising volume of online interactions on several fronts, multiple systems to procure, learn and manage – and resources that are not growing in-line with demand.

But, if you can be there when needed most, responding meaningfully with an informed answer and making your customers feel happy, appreciated and confident – you can quickly turn social followers and web visitors into customer, your audience into advocates and encourage those that matter to see online as the best way to speak with you – just like National Express did., live chat

As part of our recent rebrand to Orlo, and in a world of ever-increasing comms channels to manage, where brands are time poor but ambition rich, Orlo has brought something completely unique to online customer care – the first online conversation ecosystem that combines the best of digital innovation and human empathy across both social media and live chat interactions.

Customer care agents can now switch seamlessly between multiple social media messages and live chats, handling numerous conversations at any one time and providing fast, effective responses that create efficiencies, revenue opportunities and incredible customer moments.

This pioneering integration means you now only have to buy, learn and manage one system. You can also plug in and push/pull data to wider CRM systems to create a single customer view across all touchpoints, giving every agent, on every channel a complete chronological history of a customers’ every interaction with you.

Effortless and inspiring conversations

Create and customise your own branded chat widget, or widgets, and then place these strategically across your website – helping your customers to self-serve and reducing the pressure on your email and phone lines.

When your customers initiate a chat with you, they will receive your customised welcome message and see their position in the queue. You can then assign messages from specific web pages to specialist teams/colleagues, or escalate to managers if necessary.

Customers can send and receive multiple file types, helping you resolve queries quickly. then add notes to a chat for context and collaboration with colleagues. Customers can choose to continue a previous chat or start a new one the next time they reach out to you.

Visibility and performance

A management dashboard will allows senior colleagues to see which agents are online, how many chats they’re currently handling and how many chats they have resolved – powerful when optimising performance, managing peak times and maintaining flexible control over teams and individuals.

A suite of real-time, customisable reports track the metrics that matter and enable you to continually refine your operation, statistics include;

  • response time and conversation length
  • conversation sentiment
  • peak engagement times
  • SLA performance
  • team and individual performance

Growing online ambition

The flexibility of Orlo live chat allows you to customise it for different brands, web pages or welcome messages. ask your customers to rate the chat experience they have had for valuable feedback and continual improvement. In the event of an emergency, you also have the ability to activate an emergency chat disable button, with chat then being restored once the emergency is over.

Live chat is quickly growing into one of the fastest, most effective ways to help customers waiting on your website right now – creating incredible customer moments and revenue opportunities.

Live chat adoption by businesses is expected to grow by 87% over the next twelve months (CustomerThink), in part due to its multitasking benefits, with 51% of customers preferring live chat for this reason.

By allowing your customers to speak with you in real time through live chat, not only are you meeting their growing needs and trends, but you also gain a competitive advantage. Couple this with the ability of Orlo to combine the best of social media and live chat management in a single platform for the very first time, and you can quickly be harnessing the power of live chat for increasing sales and revenue, providing faster customer support and delivering incredible customer experiences.

See Live Chat in action

Discover how to drive sales and support through your website by integrating a new contact channel to your current digital strategy.

Ben Nimmo is the Founder and CTO of Orlo. A serial entrepreneur with a history of successful tech start-ups, Ben is passionate about finding new ways for businesses to harness the power of digital technology to deliver world-class marketing and customer service.

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