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As an industry-leading, social business, Bromford needed to keep ahead of the evolving needs of its customers. The housing association made the decision to transition from providing simple customer service via social to making the best of digital channels, building a strong, two-way relationship and encouraging customer advocacy.

Historically, Bromford used its social channels to broadcast but as technological changes came about, Bromford sought to decentralise its social media activity and embed social firmly in its customer service practices. To do this, it needed a solution that could deal with high volumes of incoming messages, whilst still maintaining that personal approach.

Orlo’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowered Bromford to provide the best customer experience possible. A full view of who they are talking to and their past interactions with Bromford enables an agent to add value and respond in a more personal, human manner. Agents are able to deal with enquiries immediately, providing a resolution as quickly as possible, in the right way, on the channel the customer has chosen.



Inbound messages with semi-positive sentiment



Greater social reach



Growth in followers

Orlo has helped us start bringing our social customer service vision to life. We have bold plans for the future and believe that we have found a platform that will keep up with our rate of change and that of our audience. We are no longer just 'managing' our social activity, but building deep and meaningful relationships with our customers.

Jarrod Williams

Communications Manager

We went down to phone lines being open for emergencies only but we quickly realised that we needed another channel for customers to reach us on. We went from having nothing on the website for live chat, to having a fully embedded system.”

Jasmine Dudgon

Communications Specialist

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