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Orlo for Fire & Rescue

Prioritising safety & building trust in the community

Fire and rescue services play a crucial role in making our communities safer, whether it be preventing and protecting people from fire and other risks, or responding swiftly and effectively to incidents and emergencies. Few comms channels can match their need for speed in the way that social media can.

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Never miss a thing

Bring all your digital conversations into one place so you have a single view of all your citizen interactions.


Engage your community

Build trust and confidence with your community by generating, scheduling and publishing content with ease.


Triage inbound messages

Drive efficiency through automation and quickly get the right messages to the right people to take action.

Campaign Management

Prevention is better than cure

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and fire safety is no exception. Social channels provide the perfect platform to share information about fire prevention, what to do in an emergency and other public service campaigns. Use analytics to let you know which campaigns are driving the most engagement so you can do more of what works.

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Crisis Management

Complete crisis management

Efficient, controlled and consistent comms are the key to establishing trust in a crisis. Whether you’re answering incoming questions or providing updates and key safety information, the Orlo platform allows you to manage all of your digital conversations from one place, presenting a single version of the truth and a source the public can rely on.

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Citizen Engagement

Engage everyone

Looking to improve the services you provide? Listen to the ‘voice of the tenant’ to getWith communities becoming less tightly knit the key to building rapport is by moving online. Digital channels also open up the lines of communication for those for whom dialling 999 just isn’t possible. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another digital platform, Orlo enables you to engage with the citizens you serve in the way they prefer.

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Crisis Management

Take control

Digital conversations come with an added level of responsibility when it comes to Bluelight services. The Orlo platform has been designed with user-by-user access permissions, post-approvals, an account lockdown feature and a full audit trail so you can ensure your online engagement is always up to standard.

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