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Orlo for Education

Engage students and the wider community

With social and digital channels the primary means of communication for the majority of young people, a joined up approach to digital engagement is crucial. Whether it’s prospective students, current attendees, alumni or the wider community, digital conversations are on the rise – and higher education institutions are battling to stay in the loop.

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Share content that lands

Use the Content Calendar to schedule and publish content at the times most likely to drive engagement.


Make data driven decisions

Elevate social media insights by combining them with the rich data held within your existing CRM.


Listen to your students

Listen to ‘the voice of your students’ to understand their sentiment and use it to improve their experience.

Student Experience

Be there when they need you most

Student well being is always a priority but with so many channels to choose from it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Be there on the channels they chose whether that’s Social, WhatsApp, SMS or Live Chat. Set up triggers to notify you about messages with negative sentiment or specific keywords and ensure you don’t miss a thing.

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Community Engagement

Listen to community voices

Sometimes the most valuable social insight comes from the online conversations you weren’t tagged in. Orlo Insights can identify any mention of your institution, even if it’s indirect, giving you the chance to act appropriately. You can monitor the sentiment and emotions of messages too, giving a true picture of the student experience and wider community perception.

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Student Engagement

Stay relevant

From promoting important events to weighing in on the latest education news, ensure you’re engaging your audience consistently by using the Content Calendar. If you’re stuck on what to say, share student generated content from your monitoring streams or pull posts from your favourite RSS feeds. Then use Performance Analytics to understand what’s driving the most engagement.

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Campaign Management

Capture a single view of the student journey

The Orlo platform is able to integrate with a range of CRM systems, enabling you to map your digital interactions to the existing information you already hold, providing a single view of the student and tracking their journey from the first interaction, right through to graduation day and beyond.

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