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Live Chat

Just a click away

Be there for your customers at those ‘moments of truth’ during their digital journey. With Orlo’s Live Chat your customers are able to talk to you instantly, without disrupting their journey. Whether you’re providing product support, managing a sales enquiry or dealing with a customer service case, you can deliver a personalised experience effortlessly.

Together, together everyone

Collaborating in Live Chat is easy-peasy! Chats can be manually assigned or automatically ‘pushed’ to available agents so no one is kept waiting. With the ability to add notes against chats, you can provide more context to interactions. Our CRM integration enables you to add chat data to your CRM records, so your agents are always in the know. Boom!

Keep schtum we’re undercover

Ensure every bit of your customer service offering is on brand and unique to you with our fully customisable Live Chat widgets! Add a splash of colour using your brand palette and logo, or make a statement by using your tone of voice in the messages customers receive – the world is your oyster

A picture paints a thousand words

Sometimes when you’re supporting customers, words just aren’t enough. We hear you! That’s why we make image and file sharing simple for your customers and your agents. Orlo’s Live Chat can receive multiple images and videos from your customers at once and your agents can share files right back – all within the same chat window. Simply attach and send. Job done.

Find the key to success

Orlo’s powerful analytics plug right into Live Chat, helping you to see the big picture – from how many chats you’re receiving and how quickly they’re being resolved, to the peak chat times. These insights ensure you can offer the right support to the right areas at the time, so you can be there when your customers need you most.

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