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Orlo for Housing

Improving tenant satisfaction with social customer service

Housing associations are faced with a crisis – struggling to engage their communities, build trust with residents and manage their reputation. By efficiently handling inbound interactions, delivering educational campaigns and listening to ‘the voice of the tenant’, Housing Associations are able to improve satisfaction, increase trust and drive more effective communication using Orlo.

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Triage inbound messages

Drive efficiency through automation and quickly get the right messages to the right people to improve satisfaction.


Manage increased demand

Encourage digital channel shift by making social a customer service channel and use Chatbot to deflect demand.


Listen to your tenants

Listen to ‘the voice of the tenant’, capture sentiment and understand emotion to improve your comms & service strategy.

Community Engagement

Increase community engagement

From sharing educational campaigns about how to fix a leaky tap, to providing updates about scheduled maintenance, your digital channels provide the perfect platform for you to reach the masses. Use analytics to identify the types of campaigns which drive the most engagement, so you can do more of what works – and less of what doesn’t!

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Campaign Management

Handle enquiries efficiently

Keeping tenants satisfied is top of the list for Housing Associations, but with demand soaring and no budget available to increase headcount, driving efficiency in processes is key to delivering a great experience! Bring your digital interactions into one Unified Inbox and use automation to prioritise incoming messages, so you can handle enquiries quickly and hit those SLAs.

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Demand Deflection

Demand deflection made easy

Housing associations are no strangers to handling huge volumes of inbound demand. Save time and money when managing cases by turning your social accounts into responsive customer service channels! Better still, let Chatbot deflect over 50% of conversations, so you can increase team capacity, solve queries quickly and reduce cost-to-serve.

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Community Engagement

Listen to community voices

Looking to improve the services you provide? Listen to the ‘voice of the tenant’ to get a real understanding of sentiment, emotion and opinion towards your Housing Association. Use Social Listening to identify mentions, patterns and trends and really start to understand your community, so you can make improvements and see satisfaction soar!

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Empower customers to self-serve 24/7

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