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Solve customer queries quickly with AI

Over 65% of people now have higher expectations for customer service than they had three years ago, so it’s no surprise that two-thirds of customers now prefer to use digital customer service channels over traditional ones. What if you could utilise the power of AI to deflect over 50% of conversations across your Live Chat, Facebook Messenger and Twitter DMs, solve customer queries quickly, at scale, and save a few pounds too? Well, with Orlo’s Chatbot, you can!


Create one Chatbot for multiple channels to allow customers to self-serve.


Provide first-class care in real-time, on your audience’s channel of choice.


Increase team capacity, save your agents’ time and reduce cost-to-serve.


Automate your FAQs whilst seamlessly connecting people to a human when needed.

Just a click away

Whether raising a complaint, looking for information or simply logging into an account, there are more touchpoints than ever in the digital journey, meaning more places for customers to encounter problems. With Orlo’s fully customisable Chatbot widget, you can be just a click away on Live Chat, Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM’s – we’ve got you covered.

Setup made simple

Forget spending a fortune on data scientists! Our Chatbot can make use of your existing help articles, knowledge bases or even just a few simple FAQs to get you set up in minutes, rather than months. But that’s not all, our trusty Chatbot can help you tweak existing help materials and inform future content and comms strategies – use its data to identify gaps so you can make real-time updates to optimise performance and streamline customer queries.

Deflect inbound demand

Ease the burden on your agents and allow our Chatbot to help manage increased inbound demand by empowering customers to self-serve 24/7. Reap the benefits of steady demand deflection, bring resolution times down and see customer satisfaction skyrocket! All while freeing up agents to handle interactions coming in through other channels and reducing costs to boot.

Handover to a human

When faced with a customer it just can’t help, our Chatbot will seamlessly hand over to one of your agents instead! With Chatbot conversations visible in your Orlo Inbox too, your team will be armed with all the info they need to pick up right where Chatbot left off, allowing them to add that human touch to every interaction.

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