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Orlo works with over two thirds of UK policing, helping them to engage with the public, communicate vital information and connect with the communities they serve.

Fire & Rescue

Fire & Rescue services are realising the potential of digital channels, raising their profile, engaging their communities and changing public perceptions with Orlo.

Travel & Transport

Deliver first-class customer service, increase omnichannel response time and give customers critical travel information on the channels they use all through the Orlo platform.

Local Government

Orlo helps Local Government organisations to establish better connections, build trust with residents and get a real understanding of ‘the voice of the citizen’.

Central Government

Orlo helps Central Government organisations to engage with citizens across the nation, deliver real-time customer service and build trust with the public.

Charities & Not-for-profits

Orlo helps some of the UK’s biggest charities to engage with their communities, grow awareness and support, and make a real difference to the causes close to their hearts.


Orlo helps UK healthcare organisations to listen to and communicate with service users, building trust when it matters most.

Housing Associations

Housing Associations are able to improve satisfaction, increase trust and drive more effective communication using Orlo.

Higher Education

Orlo enables educational institutions to engage with students on their channels of choice, measuring and monitoring their sentiment throughout their interactions.

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