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Orlo for Healthcare

Collaborating on social for better health outcomes

Healthcare services are essential for the health of every community, with residents relying heavily on the services they provide. Orlo helps UK healthcare organisations to listen to and communicate with service users, building trust when it matters most.

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Signpost your citizens

Direct your community to the right place for the right support at the right time.


Control the narrative

Take charge of the conversation to reduce the spread of misinformation.


Listen to your community

Understand experiences to shape services and improve patient outcomes.

Campaign Management

Stop misinformation spreading

With the constant outpour of information about Healthcare services coming from every angle, being in control of the narrative has never been more important! Ensure your community receives the right information from the right sources, and see the right actions being taken as a result!

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Reputation Management

Increase community engagement

84% of UK adults use social media everyday. Use social to increase community engagement and expand your reach, so you can signpost citizens to the information and services they need, seamlessly. By signposting on social, you’ll make accessing your resources super simple!

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Demand Deflection

Listen to community voices

When it comes to improving services and patient outcomes, you need a real understanding of citizen sentiment, emotion and opinion towards your organisation. Use Social Listening to identify mentions, patterns and trends and really start to listen to your community – after all, feedback is a gift!

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Performance Analytics

Insights for ICBs

With multiple areas, partners and organisations making up an ICB, things can get a little complicated! Orlo creates simplicity in a complex world by enabling you to gain insight on a local level and effectively evaluate your comms strategies, so you can see engagement increase, encourage feedback and improve health outcomes.

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Servicing all key stakeholders from one social suite

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