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Seamless customer service with a channel of choice strategy

From traditional customer service channels to a more digital-first approach.

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As the largest online-only supermarket in the world, Ocado has over 680,000 active customers and processes around 320,000 orders every week, with customer experience top of its agenda.

Ocado sought to shift from traditional customer service channels to a more digital approach to meet the growing demand from customers who were becoming more and more focused on fast resolution, with minimal effort.

The Orlo platform allowed Ocado to combine its social, live chat and CRM into one central, customer service tool. This strategy allowed it to reduce customer effort, increase satisfaction and reduce costs. These cost and time savings were made possible, primarily due to the implementation of live chat. Live chat has allowed Ocado’s service advisors to respond swiftly to large volumes of inbound queries – shortening wait times, giving a single customer view and providing a seamless experience for its customers on the channel of their choosing.



Reduction in response time

Demand Deflection


Digital channel shift



Savings on labour costs

Orlo's digital engagement platform is agile and fast-moving technology that effortlessly copes with our rapidly changing requirements. The efficiencies that Orlo's platform has brought with it has enabled our customer service team to offer a higher level of service and our customers are seeing quicker response times. As a key element of customer satisfaction, this in itself is a real benefit for Ocado customers.

Ian Pattle

General Manager for Customer Service and Strategy

We went down to phone lines being open for emergencies only but we quickly realised that we needed another channel for customers to reach us on. We went from having nothing on the website for live chat, to having a fully embedded system.”

Jasmine Dudgon

Communications Specialist

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