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Collaboration the key to seamless digital engagement

United Welsh’s Customer Engagement team is at the forefront of the organisation, dealing with many different types of customers with a whole host of different needs.

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This was never more apparent than during the Coronavirus pandemic when the team were forced to deal with a multitude of calls for help. From tenants facing redundancy and unemployment to those shielding or in a vulnerable position, the team were on hand, using Orlo to deal with enquiries efficiently
and empathetically.

Until 2020, the team were responsible for liaising with tenants via phone and email, with the Comms team managing inbound messages from social media. In order to get a more rounded view of the comments and feedback the organisation received and to better manage digital comms, the decision was made to implement Orlo, including its Live Chat feature, and fully onboard the Customer Engagement and Comms teams to enable seamless interactions with tenants across United Welsh’s digital channels.

Working just like an email inbox, Orlo’s Unified Inbox meant that the teams didn’t need to learn new ways of working and additional features within the platform, such as tagging, Snippets and sentiment tracking, have helped to really extend United Welsh’s communications options, allowing their tenants to communicate with them in the way that’s most convenient for them.



Minutes average response time on Live chat



Total messages across 5 social platforms



Customer engaged via digital channels

We were looking for a Live Chat system but had been undecided for some time on which product was best for. Orlo has given us a competitively priced, flexible and easy to use system that does what we need. Within two weeks of implementation, all of our Customer Engagement team were up and running and talking via Live Chat with our tenants and other stakeholders.

Gavin Short

Customer Engagement Manager

We went down to phone lines being open for emergencies only but we quickly realised that we needed another channel for customers to reach us on. We went from having nothing on the website for live chat, to having a fully embedded system.”

Jasmine Dudgon

Communications Specialist

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