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It’s the age-old debate of David vs Goliath when it comes to public sector tech spend. Complex rules have long been one of the major challenges for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) trying to win contracts but with Government putting frameworks in place to encourage SME adoption, the barriers to entry have certainly weakened over the years, offering SMEs a shot to get their foot in the door and prove what they can do. And that’s what we’ve done and will continue to do.

It comes as no surprise that the public sector has realised the benefits of SME support when delivering digital transformation. As demand for public services rises and Government is constantly striving to deliver value under funding constraints, SMEs have been able to lend themselves well to this task to work as real partners in this space.

The fact that most SMEs are created with a particular passion at its core to solve a specific challenge is the testament to their success, and importantly, their value in driving innovation within the public sector.

This is where SMEs hold the advantage. They can afford to be uber focused when it comes to the industry they work in. By developing a specialism within public services they understand the challenges faced by the sector and build tailored solutions that can be transferred across not only departments but organisations. As well as expert skills, SMEs are agile, can be more competitive on pricing, are used to running campaigns on a budget and are impassioned to serve their customers well as they really value long term relationships.

For me, the fact that we are a small GovTech company making an impact against major international players is something to be really proud of. As a UK based SME, we predominately hire from the sector so we have the transferable knowledge, we build localised relationships, we live and breathe our customers challenges, so we can provide innovation that has a real impact.

We’re the number one social media platform in the UK for a reason. We are passionate about connecting public sector organisations with the communities they serve. That’s our motivation and pure focus.

This is because we believe that the real transformation in public services starts with conversations with citizens to drive engagement and build trust. By enabling better interactions, digital transformation can then truly happen and change the face of public services.

Phil has had a rich career in the tech industry and became an Orlonian in 2019. Often found by the marketing desks pitching his latest campaign idea or laughing at his own dad jokes with the sales team, Phil is at the heart of Orlo’s great culture and is key to driving the business forward.