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Now, we’ve probably all heard of Britvic. And if not, we’ll have heard of – or maybe even have consumed – a product from one of their 33 brands. From Tango and Pepsi, to J2O and Fruit Shoot, the organisation has an impressive bunch of household names on their roster. And with close to 60,000 contacts to manage on social channels each year (plus more than 20,000 contacts through traditional channels such as telephone, post and email), it’s safe to say the Consumer Engagement team is pretty busy!

From sharing stockist details, to providing nutritional information, right through to managing customer feedback, there’s never a dull moment for Siobhan Cater, Online Listening & Engagement Manager at Britvic, and her team. But with so much on their plate, how exactly does the team of five effectively manage their digital conversations? Well, read on to find out the 5 things they do to make their social media strategy a success!

#1 – Share the load 💪

At Britvic, all five members of the Consumer Engagement team are clued up on the ins and outs of the different brands and products Britvic has to offer – but that doesn’t mean they handle inbound enquiries willy-nilly! In fact, they’ve found a way to work smarter, not harder, by divvying up Britvic’s 33 brand accounts between them. This not only means they have fewer interactions to manage, but also gives them more time and headspace to carefully craft their responses to customers. Using the filters in Orlo’s Unified Inbox keeps things simple too, as they only see inbound interactions related to the brands they’re looking after, removing the need to scroll through thousands of messages to find the right one.

#2 – Watch your mouth 📢

With multiple accounts to manage, successfully showcasing each unique brand personality is no easy feat! But the Britvic team does this effectively by using one simple technique… Each brand has a distinctive tone of voice, which perfectly aligns with its brand identity. So Tango, for example, has a young, tongue-in-cheek persona, while Robinson’s, the nation’s favourite family squash, has a much softer, more friendly tone to its replies. This ensures the consumer is met with the right tone of voice for the account they’re contacting, building on brand familiarity and ensuring brand consistency, no matter the contact channel! Strengthening brand recognition can be done with appropriate visuals too, which can be created, approved and stored in the Content Library, ready to be used whenever they’re needed.

#3 – Surprise & delight ✨

It’s no secret that random acts of kindness from a company can really help to promote brand loyalty, but those unexpected gifts with no ulterior motive can mean the world to the consumers involved too! Surprising and delighting customers is something Britvic strives to do regularly, as they not only see it as the right thing to do, but also a great way of ensuring consumers build positive associations with your brand (which will spread by word of mouth too!). The company has 100s of examples of things they’ve done for their customers, from sending an unlikely 90-year-old Pepsi Max fan a birthday card and branded merchandise, to sending Jessica, a little girl with severe autism, 100 Fruit Shoot bottles with personalised labels, as they were the only bottle she was happy to drink from! No matter whether the gesture is big or small, brightening a customer’s day truly is priceless.

#4 – Open your ears 👂

For the Britvic Consumer Engagement team, staying in touch with the needs of their consumers is a top priority. They understand that in the digital age, people not only flock to social media to share snippets of their lives and their musings on what’s going on in the world, but also to sing the praises of brands they love – and share their thoughts on those they don’t! Using Orlo’s Social Listening feature, the Consumer Engagement team monitors key words and phrases for direct and indirect mentions, with relevant content automatically pulled into a monitoring stream for easy viewing. This helps them keep a finger on the pulse of their consumer base, understanding what’s important to them, as well as what they think of Britvic’s brands and competitors. Armed with this invaluable insight, they then optimise the products and services they offer and let consumers know that their feedback is being listened to and truly valued – now that’s closing the loop!

#5 – Share your learnings 📈

With all of the insight from the monitoring streams, it’s clear that the heroes on the frontline at Britvic know exactly what it is about the products, brand and services that customers love or hate – but they know this information shouldn’t just stay with them. Using reports from Orlo’s comprehensive Performance Analytics suite, they’re able to identify insights and look for trends, which they then pair with screenshots of conversations directly from the Inbox, providing a holistic overview of the topics customers are talking about and their sentiment towards them. Siobhan provides this monthly snapshot report of real customer verbatims to 500 people all across the business, which has been known to influence some key brand decisions – powerful stuff!

Want to hear more from Siobhan, about how her and her team approach brand advocacy & engagement? Just click the button below to watch the webinar she took part in earlier this year where she shares all!


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