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The King’s Coronation is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration! For many of us, the coronation of King Charles III will be the first time we experience a new monarch taking the throne.  For such a huge moment in history, it seems pertinent to mark the occasion by thinking about how you can create a new approach to your content…

If you’re already doing it – you should be doing it more, ensuring precise targeting and accurate measuring, And if you’re not, you need to listen up! We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know, and it’s broken down into bite size chunks of killer content marketing goodness! so grab a pen and notepad to discover how you can supercharge your content!  Here’s how you can give your content the royal treatment! 

🤼Collaboration is king

Content marketing moves extremely fast. When it comes to digital marketing, you’re only as good as your best content, therefore, every effort needs to be taken to generate the best possible idea, the more brains involved the better. Collaboration is crucial and is almost certainly the best approach to take, so if you get the chance, get your team together to bounce ideas off each other to find your next killer campaign. 

Collaboration can go beyond your immediate team, and it’s essential for creating effective content that aligns with your organisation’s goals and addresses the challenges your citizens face. For instance, comms and marketing teams often work hand-in-hand with customer service teams to develop content that help citizens find the information they need on their own. This not only makes it easier for your community to self-serve but also deflects demand away from customer service teams.

🏹What do you want your content to address? 

Prioritise what needs addressing first, for instance if your problem is that you have a  huge surge in demand about the same issue, like bin collections, you can use this to  inspire content themes that allow your citizens to be sign-posted directly to the right information to support them, while you’re also creating content that serves. Social listening is a great way to keep your hand on the pulse to translate those citizen pain points into meaningful material and as we all know people love nothing more than getting their problems solved.

⚡When it comes to talking about your services, think of benefits over features. 

Here’s how:

  • Create a list of the problems your community is facing, you could even talk to your citizens directly to do this via a social media poll…
  • Curate the solutions into broad topic areas; a list on how a tenant can make an enquiry, how-to view your bill and pay your council tax, a complete guide to reporting any suspicious activity … Soon enough you’ll have a bunch of resources that you can begin to create, based on solving a problem for your citizens rather than selling a feature-driven solution.
  • Get into the habit of using the word YOU in your content. If you begin to say WE, stop, think about it, and turn it around to become a benefit for your citizens. If you can’t, it probably wasn’t relevant anyway. Move on and come back to it later.

🫂Personalise your content 

You want your content to be relevant, so talking to the masses isn’t going to cut it. It makes content too broad, non-specific and therefore might as well be chip paper tomorrow. You can personalise your content by profiling your citizens based on the common issues you tend to hear from them and create bite size pieces of content that is specific to your community. Use the power of one, by keeping your focus on one thing , one need and one objective. Even if it’s a short but sweet blog post, the point is that it is relevant and focused. 

🚀Cheat code: Make sure your content has an “ah-ha”. Answer the question, give away at least one good tip, tool or link. It’s for the greater good and it feels more personal. If you’re feeling stuck for ideas try our AI caption generator. 

💫 Think about your content format

Content comes in a variety of different forms, and with so many to choose from, how do you know which one works best for your organisation? From video and audio to text and apps, fixating on one might seem like a money saver, but in fact it will only limit your marketing potential.

Using one type of content will appeal to one type of person and fulfil one need, so diversify and make your content interesting. A mixture of content formats will mean that you are able to target a variety of audiences.

Often you can reuse your content, so producing an infographic which is supported by a feature blog article, highlighting and explaining the key facts and figures can work. Equally, producing a hefty and complex report could allow you to create video-explainers or video blogs which last a couple of minutes, but which convey the messages within the report in a more visual, interactive manner.

📸 Consider how you’re going to share and promote your content 

Spending hours crafting the perfect piece of content for your site doesn’t guarantee that it will reach your target community. The key to content success actually lies within content promotion. How you promote your content online with paid, earned and owned media can be the difference between one person reading your content and one hundred thousand people. With this in mind, here is a step by step guide to choosing the best channel to amplify your content: 

Find your target audience,  It’s about targeting your people and finding out which platforms they populate daily. Integrating your content on a channel that the community you serve uses every day is a simple way to get your content noticed for all of the right reasons. 

Choose your channels, once you have found where your community is, you can then use this channel to communicate your message. 

Experiment with the social channels available to you, you don’t have to pick one and stick to it,  try out a  few channels to see which one works for you. The key to content curation is maximising your chance of success on each of your chosen channels,  so try to look further into each channel and where your community is most present and engaging and hone in on that…

Consider effort vs. budget, when deciding which channel to use to promote your content, think about which is going to give you the best result most quickly – a.k.a the low hanging fruit. That doesn’t mean you should dismiss higher cost or higher effort channels. The effort and cost of one channel is only worthwhile if it’s going to give you a greater ROI than the next channel. 

📈Measure your success

You should also start looking at how you can measure your content success, fundamental to measuring success, is defining objectives and measuring at the start of your campaign. Start thinking about what you want to see from your content marketing. 

  • Brand awareness 
  • Better SEO rankings
  • Efficient service interactions 
  • Citizens more empowered to self serve 
  • Increase in community engagement
  • Demand deflection

🌯Wrap it up

You may have had great ideas which could be turned into beautifully crafted content, but if you haven’t considered how you’ll be measuring the success of your content, or what the aim of your content was in the first place, the content you’ve just spent all that time creating could be wasted. With that in mind you need to look at the tools to measure your content marketing success to get better insights and analytics that can inform your approach to content. 

Need a little help from the experts? We’ve got your back and together we can maximise your narrative, build trust and get the best out of your social efforts! Find out more by having a chat with us today!

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