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Putting social media at the heart of the organisation

Horsham District Council began using social media in 2011, and introduced a digital communications strategy in 2015, that guided the use of social media as part of their wider communications mix.

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Aside from their corporate accounts, the Comms team were tasked with gaining visibility of all the Council’s associated social accounts and understanding how other services across the organisation used social media. Orlo helped bring all of these together, helping the team produce consistent and quality content that remained targeted to specific audiences. Not only were the central Comms team on-hand to support others, they were also able to retain overarching control of security and output. Early on, the Comms team recognised the need for a joined-up approach between them and the Customer Services team and looked to further incorporate social media into Horsham’s customer service offering.

While building a positive reputation online remains their main goal on social, they’ve experienced benefits elsewhere too – a reduction in calls to Services and Customer Services teams, a better understanding of resident sentiment and a lower spend on physical print as people look to self-serve through digital channels instead.

The positive impact of social media, alongside the control and efficiency that Orlo has brought to Horsham, now means that it no longer sits on the periphery of the organisation, but is embedded firmly within it.



Increase in reach YoY



Increase in engagement YoY



Increase in followers YoY

The team at Orlo are exceptionally helpful and are always accommodating. From the introduction to the product, ongoing customer success and continual training and development, the team has always been there when we need them.

Jack Wickenden-Showell

Senior Digital Communications Officer

We went down to phone lines being open for emergencies only but we quickly realised that we needed another channel for customers to reach us on. We went from having nothing on the website for live chat, to having a fully embedded system.”

Jasmine Dudgon

Communications Specialist

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