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Stonewater is a social housing provider, with a mission to deliver good quality, affordable homes to people who need them most. Managing around 32,500 homes in England for over 70,000 customers, they have been using social media to communicate with customers both proactively and reactively for years, managing customer contact on social throughout core business hours.

In April 2019, as part of their digital-first approach, Stonewater implemented a dedicated social media resource within their Customer Experience team. Having managed 6 different channels for 2 brands natively, the Orlo platform gave the team the opportunity to bring all their social activities into one, manageable place.  Streamlining their approach has allowed them to collaborate on and control their inbound and outbound content, whilst actively communicating with customers on the digital channels of their choice.

The introduction of Orlo has made it easier for Stonewater to offer their audience interesting and informative content, as the Orlo content calendar allows the whole team an overview of upcoming organic content and the ability to quickly change the content calendar should they need to be reactive.  Since using Orlo, Stonewater has also seen an increase in the number of people engaged on their Facebook accounts, yet the number of inbound messages has decreased, indicating Orlo has helped support smarter working and enabled the team to handle customer contact more efficiently – freeing up the social media team to create more of the fun, creative and engaging content audiences like to see on social.



Average growth in overall followers over 12 months



Increase in engaged Twitter users over 6 months



Link clicks tracked via Orlo to the Stonewater website

Orlo has been critical in our approach to streamlining our social media channels. Conversations are easier to find and sentiment a breeze to track. All that backed up with a powerful but easy to use content calendar, has made our community and content management a real pleasure.

Matt Smart

Social Media Editor

We went down to phone lines being open for emergencies only but we quickly realised that we needed another channel for customers to reach us on. We went from having nothing on the website for live chat, to having a fully embedded system.”

Jasmine Dudgon

Communications Specialist

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