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Performance Analytics

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With a suite of fully customisable, powerful reports, our Performance Analytics solution allows you to understand how you’re doing in an instant! Monitor the metrics that matter in real-time to gain an understanding of the impact your marketing and customer service efforts are having, so you can do more of what works.

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Demand Deflection

Measure real-time customer sentiment

Great social customer care can take some fine tuning. It’s a balancing act between fast response times and providing the correct information. Make sure you’re getting it right by measuring performance at a team and user level – monitor how many conversations are being handled, average response times and conversation sentiment to ensure no customer is left dissatisfied!

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Campaign Management

Optimise your digital strategy

With marketers and comms professionals always pushing to get that next campaign out the door, there isn’t always time to dig into the numbers. Orlo’s Analytics suite enables you to understand exactly which content resonates with your audience, and with access to unlimited reports on key metrics – including impressions, clicks and reach – you can optimise future campaigns to see followers and engagement soar!

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Campaign Management

Control your brand narrative

Finding it hard to convince stakeholders of the value of social marketing and comms? With Orlo you can join the dots between social clicks and traffic on your site, automatically tracking the transactions and subscriptions that are a direct result of your efforts. Effortless ROI attribution? You can finally give your social actions the praise they deserve!

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But that's not all...

There’s so much more to Performance Analytics!

Competitor Analysis

Compare yourself to your competition and view what’s happening within your sector on social.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Pull data from Orlo into Power BI to seamlessly visualise data and cross-reference insights.

BI Connectors

Power up your reporting with by plugging your social data from Orlo into your data visualisation tool.

Orlo Insights

Utilise AI-powered listening and reporting to really understand your customers and turn insight into action.

Marketing Engagement

Understand which content is resonating with your audience and driving conversions.


Ensure you’re delivering great service by monitoring sentiment, response times and more.

Website Analytics

Track the successes of your campaigns and socially driven traffic right back to your website.

CRM Integration

Say goodbye to silos by enriching your CRM system with digital conversation data from Orlo.

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