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The Orlo Way

Meet the team

We’re on a mission to build an amazing company that solves complex problems – and have fun along the way! Orlonians are a bunch of genuine people who work hard everyday to support our customers in delivering the best possible customer experience through digital channels.

The Orlo Way


Knowing me, knowing you aha! At the start of your Orlo journey we want you to get to know us and the platform well, and our Sales & Business Development teams want to get to know you even better!


Your contract is signed, sealed, delivered – we’re yours! This is when the fun begins. You’ll meet your Customer Success Manager, put a plan in place and begin training. Welcome aboard the good ship Orlo!


Our Customer Success team are hopelessly devoted to you, so expect to hear from them regularly with quarterly pulses, plenty of opportunities for feedback and ongoing support.


There’s always room for improvement, so our Development team are always making ch-ch-ch-changes. Tell us what you want to see on the road-map and Marketing will keep you in the loop with updates.

Meet the team…

Captains of the ship

Ben Nimmo

Founder & CTO

Our fearless founder, Ben is the visionary behind Orlo. Dreamt up in his bedroom, our powerful platform came into existence when Ben encountered a problem he just had to solve. It’s his passion for solving problems that enables Orlo’s technology to continually evolve and develop each and every day.

Phil Evans

Managing Director

Leader of the pack, Phil has had a rich career in the tech industry and became an Orlonian in 2019. Often found by the marketing desks pitching his latest campaign idea or laughing at his own dad jokes with the sales team, Phil is at the heart of Orlo’s great culture and is key to driving the business forward.

We’re hiring.

We’re on a mission to help public & third sector organisations build communities through brilliant conversation – keeping it simple and having fun along the way! We’re always looking for the brightest talent to join the herd so check out our current vacancies and even if your dream job isn’t being advertised right now we’d love to hear from you!

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