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Orlo for YouTube

Video killed the radio star

When it comes to compelling content then video is hard to beat, and with 122 million active daily users, making it second in popularity only to Facebook, and a demographic split equally across all major age groups, Youtube is considered by many to be its natural home.

Create once and use everywhere

Creating quality content takes time, Orlo’s multipost feature allows you to gain some time back by enabling you to publish multi-channel posts simultaneously. Compare engagement levels on different platforms and by content type and do more of what works for you.

Show me the money

Research shows that video content creates 12 x higher engagement rates than both text and images, but many still struggle to justify the resource. Prove the value of your work by using Orlo Analytics to track the transactions and subscriptions that are a direct result of your efforts.

Add some depth to your comms

More to say than will fit neatly into a Tweet, WhatsApp or Facebook post? Use the Orlo platform to upload your video content directly to Youtube then keep an eye on how it lands with your audience using Performance Analytics.

A view from above

With so many fast moving parts keeping track of your campaigns can feel like an all consuming task. Orlo’s Content Calendar lets you view all of your campaign activity in one place. So you can identify opportunities for better engagement and avoid clashes in a heartbeat.

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