Goals Soccer Centres

Goals Soccer Centres are the UK’s leading operator in 5-a-side football, with 45 clubs across the UK, as well as 4 across the USA. Goals understand that as a football player, all people want is a good pitch to play on. With this vast network of clubs, Goals wanted a solution to providing a toolkit of content and analytics to better harness the power of social media at a local level.

Increase in e-commerce revenue


Increase in Facebook impressions


Increase in Twitter impressions


The UK's leading operator in 5-a-side football

Goals’ customer base is made up of around 140k weekly players, with 4,500 leagues across the UK, with over 500 pitches available. They provide facilities ranging from 5-a-side, 11-a-side and even some 8-a-side teams leading to a very diverse audience.

Goals’ approach to social media was to provide a simple, yet effective roll-out of targeted and engaging content publishing across these 49 clubs which are spread across the UK and US. While also taking into account the lack of social media marketing experience and expertise that was felt by some of the clubs at a more local level.

Drive engagement & be part of the conversation

Goals consider events such as the Women’s World Cup in 2019 astronomically important to drive engagement and be part of the conversation. Goals have a central, one-man team for marketing and rely on individual clubs to create localised, targeted content for their own audiences and the scheduling tool within Orlo allows them to create and plan content ahead of time and push it out nationwide to clubs; opening up their social channels to club managers while still maintaining central visibility and brand control. Orlo has allowed their clubs to get ahead of the game in the hectic and busy environment of 5-a-side.

Bringing together customer services & marketing

Goals use Orlo predominantly for marketing purposes but have recently made the strategic decision to bring together their marketing and the customer service side of their social activity, trying to increase customer interaction across their social channels.

Game-changing uplift

Since introducing Orlo into their social media strategy, Goals have experienced game-changing uplift in both their Facebook and Twitter metrics - 337.2k increase in Facebook impressions with engaging content and a 105k increase in Twitter impressions from the previous period.

For Goals, their main focus is to get content to a wide audience and Orlo provided the ideal solution to achieve this.

Engaging local clubs

To engage local clubs to realise the value of social media in their sector, Goals use analytics to create an element of competition amongst the clubs, based on engagement scoring. A suite of analytics within Orlo provides accurate metrics which Goals can use to benchmark clubs against each other, giving the central marketing team an insight into how well the organisation as a whole is performing on social media. Extensive reporting and analytics within the Orlo are critical in strategic planning for Goals and this reporting also allows the central team to identify which clubs may need further training on social media and the Orlo platform.

Sharing best practices

The central marketing team can share best practices internally or take advantage of the free, unlimited online training which Orlo’s customer success team offer. Alongside all of this buy-in from the wider Goals’ team, and increase in their social metrics, the company has seen e-commerce revenue increase by 9.7% YTD - further supporting and justifying the impact having a social media strategy in place has on the commercial side of their day to day operation.

Using Orlo, the central team is able to provide the wider network of clubs with a toolkit of content and analytics which is essential in producing targeted campaigns and content and helping those responsible locally for content creation, to better understand and harness the power of social media.

*All information correct as of 1st August 2019.

Goals Soccer Centres @goals_soccer

“Orlo has allowed us to tighten up our crisis strategy including protection for the business across our many social channels where brand awareness and recognition is important.”

- Corrie Davidson - Marketing Communications Executive

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