Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police is responsible for one of the largest shire counties in England and social media helps them to focus on their strategic priorities – delivering a quality service, professional excellence and value for money. They are widely seen as pioneers in social media and have even been selected by Facebook as a case study to show best practice of their platform.





Social accounts


Maintaining professional excellence online

Having a proactive presence on social media allows Staffordshire Police to listen to the needs of the community, to respond swiftly to queries and to keep residents up to date with the work of the teams.

A platform for the entire organisation

From managing permissions and accounts, to scheduling content and responding to messages on the move, Orlo offers a solution across the entirety of the organisation.

Staffordshire Police @StaffsPolice

“Orlo is key to our strategy – not only does it help staff allocate messages to the right teams or police officers, but it also offers an audit trail, so we can monitor what content is going out and when, as well as, control which staff members have access to which accounts.”

@bailey9799 - Head of Communications

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