The Deltic Group

The Deltic Group is the leading late night operator in the UK, managing 59 venues across the country and a broad portfolio of well-known brands.

Sales growth driven by social


Growth in social reach in one quarter


Footfall across all group venues


Community based social media

The Deltic Group has shifted away from money currency to people based currency. This strategy takes a step back from a sales lead approach and instead develops a community base online, offering a complete experience before, during and after customers visit a venue.

Decentralising social media

As a forward thinking business, The Deltic Group brought on Orlo to decentralise social media to local managers, who understand their audiences and venues and can deliver the best possible experience with business approved assets.

The Deltic Group @TheDelticGroup

“We brought on Orlo because it matched our culture of building machines for our managers to use, to deliver great experiences to customers.”

- Tim Howard - Head of Marketing and Central Operations

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